Yes! I Want Your Support Creating A Phoneless Sales Presentation 

That way I can collect cash at the end of my next webinar, challenge, or masterclass instead of filling my calendar with calls.

Here's The 411

On July 17th, 18th and 19th we'll sit shoulder-to-shoulder to shape your Phoneless Sales Pitch.

Leave your notepad behind; Crowd Control™ is an intensive.

Each day, we'll flesh out a part of your pitch so that by day 3, you'll have a complete, useable presentation that rakes in sales instead of another long list of to-do's...

Over those 3 days you and I will cover everything needed to turn a stranger into a customer at first contact without sales calls.

I'll hand you my Profitable Persuasion Pocketbook™, including:

The Signature Sales Talk: Get strangers to see things from your Point of View.

The Cash Cow Close: Overcome objections & create conviction, readying prospects to buy without hesitation

The Perfect Profitable Pitch: Position your program/product or service as the only logical choice for success

These frameworks are what I use for all my presentations (it's what brought you here).

Each day will be professionally recorded for your access anytime.

Attendees Receive These Gifts

Plug-and-Play Pitch Pack™

A Customizable, Done-For-You PowerPoint Deck

The Plug-and-Play Pitch Pack helps you craft compelling presentations quickly. This ready-to-use, plug-and-play PowerPoint deck saves you time. Focus on giving strong pitches without design worries. My simple, stylish template is easy to customize to fit your needs.

Instant ImpactImpress with a sleek, stylish presentation. My template makes your work look polished and boosts your credibility.
Effortless EditingEasily change text, images, and branding to fit your needs. This helps you connect with your audience and makes your pitch powerful. 
Speedy SuccessQuickly prepare your presentations and save time on design. The Pitch Pack helps you focus on your message and delivery for better results.

Belief Buster Bundle™

Proven Techniques to Overcome Objections & Limiting Beliefs

The Belief Buster Bundle is a special set of my best techniques to overcome objections and crush limiting beliefs. These videos show you how to close high-ticket deals by addressing and abolishing doubts. Turn problems into possibilities, making every sales talk smoother and more successful.

Proven Techniques: Learn tested tips to close deals and conquer objections
Confidence Boost: Beat objections and boost your confidence in sales talks
Enhanced PersuasionCrush limiting beliefs to make pitches powerful and get more sales

Powerhouse Previews™

The Secret to Filling Events With The Perfect Crowd

Powerhouse Previews™ is your secret weapon to fill events with the right crowd and get paid before they start. Like a movie trailer, it excites and engages attendees. No more empty seats or wrong audiences—Powerhouse Previews™ ensures perfect attendees

Boost Attendance: Build buzz and fill your event
Pre-Event Payments: Profit before your event starts
Targeted AudiencePull in the perfect crowd for success

Final Need To Know's

Where is this happening at?

The Crowd Control™ 3-Day Intensive takes place in my hometown of Columbus, OH

What is the investment to reserve a seat?

The investment to have a complete, useable presentation that rakes in sales without sales calls in just 3-days is $5,000.

It works like this:

You pay a non-refundable $2,500 deposit to reserve your seat and then the remaining $2,500 is due before we kick off Day 1...

...most of my students make that investment back in one presentation. Especially if they have a high-ticket offer

Is there a guarantee?

I believe in earning my keep and keeping my promises to people.

It is an FTC violation for me to promise you that anything is going to happen. 

However, I can carry ALL THE RISK for you!

Reserve your seat. Come to the intensive.

On the 3rd day @ lunch (that's the last day) if you feel this is not going to work for you in anyway shape or form for any reason. Simply turn in your materials and not only will I send you a full refund.

I will pay for your trip home!


I have a question that is not covered here...

Not a problem at all, simply TEXT your question to our business line (614) 412-0934. My right hand Sam will answer any question, comment or concern you might have so that you can make an informed decision.

Can I bring my spouse?

Yes, this is a family business! Spouses are welcome to attend at no additional charge.

Can I bring a business partner?

As long as this business partner is on your businesses articles of incorporation absolutely. If not, any person you bring outside of your spouse would be an additional $5,000

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